162 Tp – Week 15 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 15 Training Diary

After coming out of Ex BAPTIST RUN the Troop were eager to find out our results and put our minds at ease. That wish was answered on Monday morning, unfortunately 3 of our number did not meet the standard and were placed in Hunter Company however, the rest of us were relieved to be staying with 162 Troop. With that out of the way the Troop continued on with the weeks activities which included signals lectures and CBRN drill practice in preparation for another stint in the infamous CS gas room.

Come Thursday our CBRN drills were put to the test for real in the gas room, despite everyone’s nerves most of us got through the drills without inhaling too much CS although some tears were still shed. Thursday also included the First Drill’s Inspection which went down very well, with nearly everyone’s rig and Corps knowledge coming up to standard.

Orders Thursday night left everybody wondering what was in store for Friday morning as they spoke only of a “winners detail of a physical kind”! Rumours quickly started that it was a mud run or extra bottom field session however when we awoke and the tide was in we were truly baffled.
After an early scran we were taken to pick up 4 telegraph pole logs from the top field, we marched back down to the camp train station and after a quick warm up we were given our detail. A race with each section from CTC to Exmouth, around 4 miles. The competition was pretty fierce and although 1 section proved to be top of the pack consistently.

Once we arrived at the beach we were formed into a hollow square in preparation for our phase 1 awards. Those who earned awards were well deserved with Recruit Ayre earning the top award of best recruit for Phase 1.

All in all the week was a good one, with everybody looking forward to moving into phase 2 and starting some real soldiering and getting our green belts on. As we go into week 16 most of us cannot believe we’re half way through already although we all appreciate the challenges to come and welcome them with open arms.

By Recruit Hamilton


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