161 Troop Diary Week 17

161 Troop Diary Week 17

The week started off badly because most of the Troop wrapped on basic stuff, such as admin. This resulted in us doing an extra kit muster and being messed about, which was due to certain individuals who have started to develop a bad attitude towards the basics of training. Now that we have been warned, things are starting to get back to normal amongst the Troop.

On Monday we got to grips with signals equipment. We used the Bowman Comms and went around camp finding boards with information on to report to Zero. This got us used to using the voice procedure and equipment in preparation for Exercise Second Empire next week.

On the Wednesday we had an over-night stay at Bovington where we did drills on the Viking Amphibioius Assault Vehicle, from entering and escaping, to getting onto the roof while it was in a lake floating. We had lectures about the Vikings which were interesting because not many of the Troop knew anything about them. Our time there was pretty chilled, which is always good, and a rare thing to get in training. This put the Troop’s morale up after a bad start to the week.

Overall week 17 on camp wasn’t a bad week, it certainly got our morale and energy levels up for Second Empire as we spent the weekend packing our kit and preparing; going over our notes on ambushes and section attacks, so next week, while we’re in the field we can be on top of our game and learn ‘our bread-and-butter’ from the Training Team.


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