161 Troop Diary Week 15

161 Troop Diary Week 15

So, the week after a criteria field test. A lot of mixed emotions and a lot of anticipation on whether or not we had passed. A fairly easy week on camp consisting of gas drills. Seeing some incorrect drills and seeing some lads’ reactions when take on some gas always amuses! There were also some pretty in depth lectures from the Troop Commander so we learnt an awful lot with lots to write up in our affairs folders. When I say ‘an easy week’ it’s not actually easy! Lots to take on board, plus there is always bottom field which is always a hang-out.

Friday eventually came round, and there had been much anticipation for this day. Word on the nod-vine was a mud-run – who knows where these dits come from! Turns out we did go on the mud, but not for the thrashing we thought. A smally game of rugby followed by ensuring the training team were suitably ‘mudded’! I think some members of the Troop might have enjoyed that a little too much. So a good end to the week with morale on a high after getting our green belts.


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