159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 22-23

159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 22-23

The week started extremely well, sun shining and 159 Troop were going on adventure training for three days at RMB Chivenor camp in North Devon. Here we split into three sections and each completed one of three adventurous activities each day. On the first day my section went surfing down at Saunton Sands beach, for many of the lads this was completely new and by the end of this day most of the lads were already claiming to be pros and wanting to buy their own boards that evening. The following day after a rotation on the activities, our section had mountain biking which was fun (I guess you could say) albeit a hang out including a fair few hills. Overall we covered about 33 kilometres. At the end of the day the Troop gathered in the sun for a BBQ and a few beers which was a welcomed treat. After our third and final rotation on the last day our section was going kayaking again another very enjoyable activity which many of us were not accustomed to, so it was a lot of fun again with some funny sights to be seen. With the end of this activity our high spirits quickly changed as the realisation of Exercise Violent Entry soon dawned upon our minds.

Thursday morning began with a few lectures to brief us on the up and coming Exercise, after which we squared our kit away ready for the bus journey to Sennybridge. The journey took 3 hours which we all tried to get as much sleep as possible as we knew it could be our last for a while. When we got off the coach we got our kit sorted and started our first ‘yomp’ of the exercise, which lasted until the early hours of the morning. Sections then conducted several patrols ready for the forth coming attack on a village. Once the Troop took the village we spent the next couple of days holding our respective houses, repelling attacks and sending out various patrols and manning Vehicle Check Points. After a couple days we moved out of the village down to a new woodblock approximately 8 km away, and made preparations again for another attack. After a successful attack the Troop were then ordered to hold their position in full battle trenches. The next day would see the Troop venture onto their last ‘yomp’, this was the final test in a long hard exercise, it was just less than 10 miles of hard yomping in full kit across the hills of Sennybridge. As to be expected all the boys in 159 Tp put their heads down and got on with the task at hand and everyone made it to the final destination. There was no time for rest as the Troop immediately set about their preparations for their final attack on “village one”. At 0500 the following morning the attack took place giving the Troop the chance to put all their modern urbanised combat into practise. The attack was successful drawing an end to Ex Violent Entry. This was by far 159’s toughest test yet, but all recruits were able to overcome the challenges presented to them and continue to progress through training.


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