158 Troop Chronicles week 24

158 Troop Chronicles
Week 24
This week proved to be a challenging yet interesting week on camp . Monday morning started with early 6 mile morning run, with Cpl Hedley. Obviously the first thing that was going through everyone’s head is “oh no, I’ve done absolute zero phys over the long weekend, except lifting a pint up and down to the mouth” we all assumed we would struggle…however, the run was relaxed, fairly easy and some would say enjoyable actually! It ended once we got to the pavilion, however with numerous ‘fit to fight’ sessions received after a speed march on the pavilion itself we were sure it wasn’t over. We were all hastily making our way over to our kit when we heard Cpl Hedley calling us back over to the rugby pitches. To our surprise the words that came out of the PTI’s mouth were “sit down lads, just have a small stretch” at this point we all collapsed and could breathe again.
Tuesday was a day I would say some lads were looking forward to, and some lads were dreading…the endurance course. I for one was looking forward to it. Watching the Corporals getting wet, running with us, was what every nod likes to see. The second lap round we all ran it with our section Corporals, all of us orange with clay due to a small ‘camming out’ roll about in the mud. It was good to see Cpl Billot not caring about getting wet when we went through peters pool, jumping in rivers, running through the mud, made us not care and actually a little inspirational I felt. The highlight of the day though was definitely the sheep dip intro. Cpl Billot in one end and Cpl Clarke in the other then Cpl Hedley asks for a volunteer to which most us put our hands up, but quickly bring them down again when we see Cpl Perkins running out of a bush wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and nipple tape to show us how its done.
Wednesday was spent with a Tarzan Assault course introduction in the morning, getting taught how to do the 30 foot wall and the death slide. The death slide or other wise known as the Commando slide was great fun, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I was lucky and trusted enough to be given camera glasses to film the whole thing (it was either that or just because I was first in the queue!). It was not too difficult or exhausting however we were fresh. The rest of the day was dedicated to LMG’S
Thursday was just a routine day on camp, a couple of lectures, quick swim which included the confidence test .i.e standing on top of the diving board and falling backwards into the water trying not to flap. Some proved this was difficult, panicked in mid air and ‘back-slapped’ the water making a distinct belly flop noise. The afternoon was spent with extra drills on LMG’S.
Friday was a day for worrying, pain and then a great sense of achievement for me anyway. This was the day of the 12 mile load carry criteria test. For me personally I would have to give everything. Yomping isn’t exactly a strong point in training for me. Four hours after setting off the yomp was done unfortunately with one failure due to injury. We arrived back on camp for about half 12. Everyone comparing who had the worst bergen burns on our backs. We were pleased to be thinned out by 1600 to enjoy our weekend what ever we choose to do with it, and get ready for a week in Poole!


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