157 troop Week 28 Troop Diary

157 troop Week 28 Troop Diary

Week 28 has been nicknamed ‘cheeky week’ by other recruits and training teams due to the Tarzan and Endurance course run through, so you’re not really looking forward to it by any means in fact you’re rather cynical.

The week started off quite slow with just lectures and UGL (under slung grenade launchers) lessons in the stances. When Wednesday hit and we were up Woodbury Common to start our first endurance course, timed run through by 0730. This went well, but I think it was a massive eye opener for most of the lads including myself. When Saturday hit for our second and last timed run through before the actual test itself, most blokes knew what to expect and what they had to do to pass.

Thursday and Friday were Tarzan Assault course days both happening in the morning. The Tarzan is a 13 minute lung buster. By the second run through most lads had it nailed, so we were happy with a mini chuck up from the PTI.

Lectures mainly described what we’d be doing as trained ranks, what units were doing and what specialisations were available. So it was understandable the lad’s morale was quite high especially now the end is in sight.

Having just a Troop ahead on their Commando Tests is a massively good feeling, I for one am looking forward to field firing and I don’t think I am only one!


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