157 troop Week 26

157 troop Week 26

Week 26 was a big week in terms of progression. As a Troop we had the six mile speed, once we had completed this signifies us entering the Commando phase of training. A milestone we had all been aiming for and with a 100% pass we were all happy to receive our cap comforters.

On Tuesday we had Foggin Tor, the horror stories we had heard around the camp had made us all pretty nervous about spending a day with the mountain leaders, however a day of rock climbing, abseiling and learning different ways and techniques of assaulting cliffs proved to be a really good experience.

Wednesday we had our introduction to the Tarzan assault course, we were shown how to do it with all the correct obstacle change over techniques then went straight into it. Once we had completed it without webbing and rifle we did it with our kit, this made a considerable difference but not enough to really cause anyone to struggle.

Thursday was the day we started Ex Final Thrust, our final field exercise that we had to complete during training, and certainly the one we had been looking forward to for a while. We deployed to RM Poole where we were taken to a beach front to conduct a beach assault. The initial assault and drill for getting on the beach went well, although all the lads got wet feet straight away which caused problems later on as we yomped through the night.

The next day we moved to Sennybridge (SENTA), where we conducted an insertion yomp, the distance we covered on this one was not as far as we had previously done but the terrain and hills created new challenges for the Troop. When we reached the final location we harboured up for the night. Over the next few days the Troop conducted various actions that simulated a real life situation such as Recce patrols, Observation Posts, Troop Attacks, and Harbour Routines.

The Final stage of the exercise was in a place called Caerwent in South Wales. When we arrived we did another move/yomp to what would be our final location for the duration of the exercise. Thankfully the terrain and land layout was nothing like Sennybridge and the ground was all pretty flat. When we reached what is known as a FOB, we were instructed on the routine, there were five stages in this routine cycle which were Rest, Sentry, QRF, Ops Room, and patrolling. Through the next couple of days each section carried out various contact drills, patrols, casualty evacuation, Intel gaining, and learnt the FOB routine well.

On the last day we carried out the final attack on a building known as 119, prior to this we conducted various Recce patrols of the route over to the point where we would be conducting our attack. Overall the Troop showed that they have been taking in what the training team had been teaching us and with the final attack completed we returned to the FOB location. We were all happy that we finally put a stop to General Dossans menacing ways for good.


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