164 Troop Diary – Week 8

164 Troop Diary – Week 8

Week 8 had it’s mixture of highs and lows for the troop, with the most notable part of the week being that we were moved back into foundation block for the duration of the week as we had failed to keep our normal accommodation clean. Throughout the week we also had a number of extra inspections in order to ensure that we were maintaining our personal administration to the standard we were taught in foundation.

We also had the OC’s rounds of our normal accommodation in the week which meant that we had to move all our kit and equipment back from foundation into our normal accommodation. Once again though the troop failed to reach a required standard and did not pass the inspection. After the inspection we moved our kit back into foundation where we remained for the rest of the week.

Apart from moving into foundation we also picked up the pace with our preparation for gym pass out. We practised the movements and order in which we would do the assessment and also did a competitive circuit against the most junior troop which we won and were happy to see them jumping in the tank.

Hopefully this week will be a turn around in our admin and we will be able to progress forward the gym pass out and get a superior.

164 Troop


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