161 Troop Diary Week 16

161 Troop Diary Week 16

Week 16 started after having a long weekend at home. We hit the ground running on Monday however. We went straight into a Signals test in the morning which tested us on everything we had previously learned on the Bowman Radio. Once we had all been put through the Sigs test we went on to the Bottom Field for a short, sharp phys session. Monday afternoon consisted of lectures covering aspects that we would be covering on Exercise First Base.

We deployed onto First Base on Tuesday afternoon with a yomp up to Woodbury Common. First Base was our first tactical exercise and we began learning more advanced soldiering skills. We learned how to conduct recce patrols at night and what to do if we got contacted whilst out on patrol. Another aspect of the exercise consisted of observation posts. We learned how to observe the enemy from a static position for long periods of time. We also learned how to deal with P.O.Ws. The exercise finished with a 5 mile speed march back to camp. We found it quite challenging as we were all exhausted from the previous days in the field.


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