160 Troop Diary Weeks 18

160 Troop Diary Weeks 18

Week 18 saw 160 Tp embark on Exercise Second Empire, but not before fitting in a spritely Monday morning bottom field session. The Troop had a mix of excitement as we attempted to tackle our second fully tactical exercise. 160 Tp tried to cram as much sleep as possible into the coach journey which was taking us to Braunton Burrows in preparation for a sleepless week.

When we arrived we immediately went into our sections to practise section attacks and patrol formations. The next morning we awake bright and early to put into practise the skills we had honed on Monday, into action against the Enemy forces on a day of conducting section attacks. Later that evening 1+2 Section went on recce patrols for possible ambush site locations.

Wednesday was the Troop harbour being attacked early on, to which the Troop had to defend and defeat the enemy advance. The rest of the day saw us patrolling in sections to provide depth protection for the harbour position as it was attacked that morning. This led to us conducting an ambush in the evening as a Troop. Each Section had their own role and this had successful outcome leaving the morale of the Troop high.

Thursday was spent conducting preparation for a main attack on an enemy position, identified from intelligence during the previous night’s ambush. Everyone was full of excitement for this an eager to get involved. This was our first experience of a full Troop Attack. In the evening we patrolled into position for the attack and it all went to plan. Everyone in the Troop enjoyed this evolution, from the build up to the final re-org.

Friday saw the end of the exercise, but this wasn’t before a 6 mile yomp with full kit to RMB Chivenor. We all made it through well and had a bottom field session on Saturday morning.


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