159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 20

159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 20

This week has bought 159 Troop many tests and challenges, from the very demanding bottom field to standing perfectly still on the drill square for the Adjutants inspection.

Starting with Monday the main focus for the Troop was all on bottom field pass out, nerves were racking up however most of the Troop managed to pass this first time, hoofing effort! This meant we could relax a little and enjoy some more relaxed periods on bottom field. Later that day we had CBRN lectures and found out that this week was the last week we would learn about this particular subject with a written and practical test at the end of the week to confirm our knowledge.

Tuesday we spent all morning on the drill square ensuring we were all confident we could pass the Adjutants inspection and preparing ourselves for the arms drill pass out which occurs the same day. From this we realised 159 Tp are drill biffs (not very coordinated). The afternoon consisted of our first encounter with the Assault Engineers (AE); here we learnt about basic defences with barb wire and sandbags.

Wednesday bought us a very early start on the drill square everyone hoping that their turnout was perfect for the Adjutant. Straight after the parade we had our arms drill pass out which all went very well and the DL was impressed enough to pass us. The afternoon again was spent with the AE during which time we were taught about mines and prodding your way out of a minefield, when prodding you can take hours to clear a few meters, but all worth it to ensure you are safe and sound.

Thursday morning was spent covering more CBRN. This was our last classroom lecture, after which we had a light phys session down on the bottom field which involved a tug of war competition. In the afternoon we were able to get hands on all the chemical agent detector equipment which was great fun.

Friday was a slow start but then going on to bottom field to do our first ever sport session was hoofing. We had a small football tournament between the sections and it was very competitive game with the loosing section had to dunk themselves in the oggin (water) to cleanse their sins. We then had our CBRN written test which everyone felt ready for. The afternoon was filled with demonstrations of how to perform a chemical recce and chemical survey, very useful information.

All in all another productive week and again we await the challenges of next week and the Modern Urbanised Combat package that we are due to complete in the week ahead.


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