157 Troop week 25


We got the coach in the morning from CTCRM to a Royal Marine base further along the South coast in Poole. The journey took a little over 2 hours which was good news for all as it meant we could get our heads down for the duration. Later on that day we went down to the harbour where the landing craft branch of the Corps are based where we had a talk about the branch which made me think seriously about joining the branch as a specialisation on completion of passing out of Lympstone. We then found ourselves taking part in capsize drills on the IRC (inflatable raiding craft). This was good laugh and although we got wet the water was warm enough to enjoy it!
Later we made our way back to Bovington where we would be staying for the evening.


A very exiting and busy day as we learnt how to assault and withdraw from beaches on every craft, we also took part in moving from one craft to another at high speed this was done in the day and again at night. Tuesday night we made our way to Portsmouth for the second part of our amphibious training.


We were shown how to use the survival suit which is on every ship that we may serve on.
The suit was clumsy and made us look like we worked in one of doctor evils under ground layers. We learnt how to survive if we had to ever had to abandon ship and getting hands on the life rafts we may have to occupy if the situation god forbid ever arises.


Fire fighting!

During our sea survival training we were shown how to use the fire extinguishers and re-breathers to put out and escape fires which was enjoyable in the multi-million pound training facility in Portsmouth. Fires on board any vessel in the Navy are a massive hazard and any personnel going on board ship is required to be competent in any situation. Later that day we were able to get some time to visit the Royal Marines museum where the old Chatham company used to based, it was very interesting and gave everyone a great sense of pride of what we would shortly be apart of. It was also good to see the antiques road show and half the BBC as they were shooting a special programme for next year’s anniversary of the Corps.

We then made our way back to Lympstone ready for Friday.

We were on the ranges! It was our chance to fire the LMG (light machine gun) it was an introductory shoot, to ensure that we were competent in using the weapon for the next and final exercise.
The weekend arrived after another busy week and everyone was looking forward to getting some rest as the 6 mile speed march was the only thing between us and our cap comforters on the Monday morning. This signifies that we are now in the Commando stage of training.

Overall the week was really enjoyable and on a personnel level it has opened my eyes to my new possibly career path. It’s not often you find yourself being driven around at speed in beautiful weather on the Dorset coastline.


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