162 Tp – Week 13 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 13 Training Diary

Week 13 for 162 Troop started with spirits high after an enjoyable weekend in Normandy. The week’s first detail was the introduction to the famous bottom field. The session saw the Troop learn all the techniques for crossing the obstacles on the assault course. The Troop then had its first CBRN period, this was less enjoyable than the morning on bottom field as we came in contact with CS gas for the first time. A truly unpleasant experience, but one that pushed home the importance of the CBRN suits and the how the equipment, such as our respirators are so important.
Tuesday and Wednesday’s details included comms training and an introduction to the grenade. We learnt how to operate the weapon and throw it in the correct way, as we would be throwing live grenades later on in the week. On Thursday the Troop deployed to RNAS Yeovilton for an introduction to helicopter drills, fast roping and the dreaded dunker drills. Upon arrival we went straight into the action after a brief from a Royal Navy fast rope instructor we were sent up the 40ft dry tower for some practice. The whole Troop grasped the technique well. We then where taught the different drill for helicopter pick ups and drop offs. As soon as we were happy with the correct drills it was straight into it. Each section did 2 pick ups and 2 drops with the live helicopter. The drills went well with all the Troop carrying the drills out quickly but safely. The helicopter then took us up for the fast roping segment. With everyone completing 5 fast ropes from 55ft. That afternoon we then conducted the dunker drills. A criteria test we had to pass to enable us to fly in a helicopter at night. The test is conducted in a helicopter simulation tank, the model helo is suspended above the water and then crashes into the water and using the correct techniques you escape from the helicopter using the windows. Everyone In the troop passed and it proved to be an enjoyable experience. Friday saw the Troop throw live grenades for the first time. We all threw 2 grenades and a few members such as Rct De Lecea and Rct Davey proved to be hot shots both achieving direct hits on the targets.

Week 13 was an extremely enjoyable week for 162 Troop. Week 14 will be a challenging week for us on Ex Baptist run. But the whole Troop are excited to put all we have learnt in Phase One to the test.


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