162 Tp – Week 12 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 12 Training Diary

After the previous week on the range the troop was apprehensive of what stood ahead.
We spent the first 2 days undertaking our ACMT in atrocious wind conditions, most of the troop found it very hard to aim and hit the targets at the various distances, this resulted in a number of the lads having to go through the test a few more times…..

Once the troop had all passed the ACMT (2 recruits out the 29 gaining Marksman) we moved on to what the Troop thinks was the best week in training so far.
Our MUC (Modernised Urban Combat) package kicked off with a good start but with a very steep learning curve as we had to adopt a whole new set of skills. These skills included firing multiple shots in quick succession from the standing position, firing having completed a 90 degree turn and learning magazine change drills culminating with putting it all together and advancing towards the targets, firing and magazine changing on the move whilst not taking your eyes off your target. Our instruction this week was second to none and because of that the troop hoisted the new skills on board very quickly, producing some good scores in the competition shoot at the end.

On completion of the Troop’s range package we were all looking forward to deploying to France for our battlefield tour. We left CTC on Friday evening travelling by coach to Plymouth to catch the ferry to Roscoff. We then had a further 4 hour drive to our destination. Throughout the tour we visited numerous battlefields and grave sites from D-day and heard some very humbling stories of how these men gave their lives for our freedom today. The thing that most shocked the troop was the grave sites. We visited a German site, a United States site and United Kingdom site. The contrast between the sites was unreal and the amount of lives lost very sobering. At the UK site we were each given remembrance crosses to place on relatives or gravestones of our choice.

The troop as a whole has had an eye opener to what we are aiming for on completion of our training and is looking forward to the coming weeks.

Recruit Thornton


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