161 Troop Diary Week 14

161 Troop Diary Week 14

On the Tuesday morning of 28th May, 161 Troop had to be up to lay a kit muster in the drill shed, then run a 4 mile speed march with 21lbs of kit. On completion of this we deployed to Woodbury Common for the test exercise Baptists Run. The main tests consisted of camouflage and concealment, stalking, map reading and basic navigation, fire control orders, target indication, observation and night navigation and route cards.

Having completed a night navigation exercise on the first night, we were up early the next morning, washing, shaving and cleaning our kit for the first kit muster. It was a tough routine. Throughout the day we did stalks, map reading, fire control orders, target indication and observation. Then we had to wait until it got dark to start the second night navigation exercise. This same daily pattern continued for the 2 days of tests. On the Friday we yomped the 8 miles back to CTCRM. It was a hard yomp, but everyone got through it. Baptists Run tests all of the skills you have learnt in the field in the first half of training and you become a trained soldier if you pass. If you do pass you progress into Phase 2 of training where you a trained from a solider to a Royal Marines Commando.


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