161 Troop Diary Week 13

161 Troop Diary Week 13

We started our Bottom Field sessions this week. This means training with weighted webbing and rifle. It is a lot more specific training to soldiering. It includes an extra 10 foot on the rope climbs, the assault course and regains over the tank. On Monday, we also had Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) training, where we went into the gas chamber and had to experience the effects of CS gas. On Tuesday we had signals lectures for most of the day. This was to run us through how to use the Bowman equipment and the correct procedures on how to talk over the net. We also had drill again in the evening.

Wednesday morning was signals lectures again, this was then followed by a grenade throwing lecture and teach on bottom field, ready for live grenade throwing on Friday. On Thursday, we went fast-roping at Yeovilton Air Base. We were first introduced to Sea King helicopters and given a brief tour and overview of procedures. We were also meant to be given a quick ride in a helo, but unfortunately it got cancelled last minute. We then moved onto fast-roping. First without kit, then with, and then shown how to stop. We then had the chance to talk to the pilot and co-pilot of a Lynx helicopter.

On Friday we went to Woodbury Common Grenade Range to put into practice what we what we were taught on Wednesday and show that we were capable of throwing live grenades with the correct drills.


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