161 Troop Diary Week 12

161 Troop Diary Week 12

Week 12 was one of the most anticipated weeks by all the recruits in 161 Troop. It is the second of 2 weeks spent down on the Straight Point Ranges, where we practice our live firing. It began for us with our ACMT (Annual Combat Marksmanship Test) on the Monday, which some people were nervous about, but which the majority were looking forward to. Conditions for the test itself were not ideal with strong winds blowing off the sea. However, there was still quite a high number of our Troop who earned the bragging rights of achieving a Marksman score. Unfortunately for me, in 2 Section, we were overshadowed by the results from 1 Section, who achieved the highest number of marksmen, and enjoyed reminding us of it.

Once everyone passed the ACMT, which took roughly a day and a half due to the conditions, we then moved onto the longer distance 400m shoot. Once we completed this we moved onto what everyone was most looking forward to, the CQB shoot. Now that everyone had passed the tests the pressure was off to a certain extent and we could focus on learning the exciting new techniques and methods of movement in the CQB environment. Door entries and shooting on the move were particular favourites. Every time we got ahead of ourselves and thought we were ‘ninjas’ the training team would give us a demo and show us how it really should be done.

Other highlights of the week included work on the electronic range and the night-shoot, which was nerve inducing and exciting in equal measure. At the end of the week we all knew we had the trip to France approaching, and we were all really looking forward to a chance to go abroad, see the sights and find out more about the history and what we are a part of.


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