161 Troop Diary Week 10

161 Troop Diary Week 10

Week 10 saw 161 Troop deploy on Exercise Hunter’s Moon, which consisted of three days navigation with an introduction to stalking, then on completion of this a 2 day survival exercise.

The exercise began with an insertion yomp with daysacks to the harbour location. Nearing the end of the yomp a member of the Troop unfortunately fell victim to a stress fracture and was forced to leave the exercise and the Troop. Once the harbour was set up, the Troop completed their route cards ready for navigation tasks. The first night saw the Troop complete their first night navigation exercise, with section commanders accompanying them to aid.

Day 2 consisted of a further navigation exercise during the day, practising pacings and resections with another night nav, this time as a section fire team, without assistance. On day 3 the Troop had a map reading test and an introduction to stalking. The whole Troop very much enjoyed this experience and a few members were able to complete the task with full marks. On completion of this came the extraction yomp with full bergens and moving into the survival phase.

Day 4 and 5 consisted of the survival phase where section fire-teams were tasked with constructing shelters with anything we could find and collecting enough firewood to last the duration of the exercise. The Troop was also instructed by Mountain Leaders on how to kill, prepare and cook chicken in a survival situation, as well as fish. Once taught, everyone returned to their shelters and began to cook their food, continuing to maintain their fires throughout the day and night. The morning of the final day an unexpected navigation task was undertaken and on completion of this, the exercise was complete.

Everyone having completed it and the morale of the Troop seemed high with the exercise being a good experience, helped by excellent weather conditions.


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