158 Troop Chronicles Week 22

158 Troop Chronicles Week 22

Week 22 started with an early morning even by our timings! Waking up at 0400 to get breakfast and get the accommodation cleaned in time for the transport to take us to RMB Chivenor where we were to start 3 days of Adventure Training. The troop was looking forward to this because it is a relaxed and fun 3 days away from camp just doing outdoor sports. When the troop arrived we were split into three groups to do the activities. The first activity I did was surfing, this was great fun mainly because no-one in the group had done it before so it was a new experience for everyone. I particularly found it exciting but it was hard work to try and stand up without falling off! Although there weren’t many waves that were big enough to surf most of the day was spent lying down and floating around but it was still a good day. We even got a burger and chips before going back to the camp. The rest of the day was spent relaxing in the accommodation or going to the café and a lot of lads had early nights.
The next morning we woke up after a nice half 6 lie in, we headed for breakfast then to the day’s activities. Today my group went kayaking and this was my favourite day of the week. We were in 2 man kayaks and we paddled along the coast going through all the rock features that came out of the top of the water. These channelled the tide and made for white water and fast currents which made it challenging to stay in the boat and not going into the ‘oggin’ which was inevitable for some people (Recruit White!) however the day was enjoyed by all and was made better when we got back to the camp and had a barbeque cooked by the team and a few drinks in the bar.
The third day of AT was mountain biking around the area. This was a nice way to end the three days with a relaxing ride in the beautiful weather. The day was cut a little short so that we could get back to Lympstone and finish our personal admin and packing of our Bergen for exercise Violent Entry. Thursday was a busy day with admin, it began with a lecture in the morning from the Assault Engineers then working details getting all the stores required for the exercise. At night we ate our evening meal before travelling to Sennybridge to begin the exercise. It started with a honking night yomp that felt like it went on forever due to the amount of weight that we carried. Finally we got into our harbour position in the early hours of Friday morning and straight away some people were out conducting recce patrols and OPs while the rest of us built up the harbour and dug out our shell scrapes for sleeping in.
The week was good for the whole troop everyone enjoyed the adventure training and was relaxed and looking forward to the exercise that was coming.


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