157 Week 23

Week 23

Exercise Violent Entry started at the most southern point of Sennybridge training area. This seemed miles away from anywhere when we arrived late on the Thursday evening. From here we started getting our kit off the vehicles. After we were all sorted we then yomped throughout the night to a woodblock where we set up our first harbour location.
The first detail came a few hours after the occupation of the harbour was completed, which was for 2 Section to go out and recce a potential observation posts to gather intelligence on 4 buildings that the enemy were occupying. This evolution was successful because the observation posts doubled up as hoofing fire support positions for the deliberate attack we carried out the following day.
Throughout the exercise we yomped quite a lot, but even though it was a lick out everyone completed all of the yomps. We zig zagged up down the Sennybridge training area to get to various locations.

The last yomp we did was to the FIBUA (Fighting in Built up Areas) village where we took control of 5 buildings that we fortified with barbed wire entanglements, pickets and wriggly tin. Once we had built up this defensive position we then used it as a base for the next 48 hours. During this phase we sent out vehicle check points, clearance patrols and various other patrols. This was the best exercise throughout training so far even though it was also the most physically demanding.

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