157 Troop Week 24

Week 24
The main emphasis this week was phys and LMG training (Light Machine Gun).

This morning we completed a 6 mile booted run which gave us an insight into the 6 mile speed march route that we would be completing in just two weeks time in order to earn our Cap Comforters. The run was relatively relaxed although we did notice that the route had quite a few hills. Later on that day we were introduced to the LMG and got our hands on the weapon system for the first time.

Today would be our first Endurance Course aquatint. We got a coach out up to Woodbury Common to the start of the Endurance Course and were shown all of the obstacles and the route prior to our run through. The course is formed up of over 2 miles of water obstacles, tunnels of which one is fully submerged and lots hills. After you come out from the last tunnel it’s a straight run back to camp. It’s a good feeling having started training for the Commando Tests, although you don’t feel so good at the time.

Today we had LMG lessons in the morning, fortunately everyone passed their weapon handling tests, we were therefore clear to fire at the end of week 25. Later that day we had the Tarzan Assault Course aquatint which if you don’t have a head for heights is nerve racking, however with a surge of adrenaline in your veins you don’t wait around.

In the morning we were at the armoury first thing getting out rifles out for drill, not much to say on this topic but 8 of us including myself got picked up for minor defects.  These defects were spotted by the drill leaders hawk eyed vision which meant a re-parade at 2000 hrs; this was a minor inconvenience as the next day we had a 12 mile load carry. Later on we had a series of lectures on fire safety and one military knowledge lesson given by Major Venables. Everyman had his eyelids pinned back with cocktail sticks trying to soak in the information. Later on we had a swim which was a short but tough session.
It was an early start as final preparations where taking place to start the march, we got onto a coach and were dropped off near the coast in the beautiful Devon countryside. It was challenging, boring and pain full at times. A slow 4 hours and 12 miles passed and we were soon back on camp nursing our wounds. We were informed that we had the weekend off, which gave us an opportunity to rest our weary bones.


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