1.         Week 2 of foundation training for 166 Troop is now complete.  For the most part it has seemed like it would never come to an end.  We have been up at 0530 each morning (earlier if administration needs doing (and trust me it always does!)) and not getting to bed until 0200-0300 which makes each day seem like a lifetime.  We accept that this is all part of the journey – long days to keep us busy and start breaking us into the mentality of a Royal Marines Commando.  If it was going to be easy then I’m sure half the men would not be here.  We have come here for the challenge of recruit training and to see if we have what it takes to complete the course.  From an initial intake of 30 men we have already lost 2 due to previous medical conditions.  Even I have questioned if I have what it takes, but then I remind myself what it is all about – the Green Beret.  So far we have experienced drill, basic camp administration, weapon handling and PT.  We’ve also spent a night on the bottom field conducting wet and dry routine.  At the end of the 32 weeks, if we make it through all the pain, the cold sleepless nights, the yomping and the fatigue, we can finally place our green lids on our heads and proudly know that we made the grade.

2.         During this part of the course we have learnt about the fundamental principles of administration within the Royal Marines; whether it be washing and shaving or cleaning our personal weapon.  I joined CTCRM to learn how to be a fierce Commando, to travel the world and deploy on operations, you may well have the same aspirations but it is important to recognise that to be the best you have to be disciplined in the smaller details.  If you can’t take care of your appearance, personal kit and hygiene, what happens when you are cold, tired and hungry on operations?  The training is progressive and seeks to prepare us for life in an operational and active unit.  You have to learn to adopt the Corps values of a Royal Marine Commando.  As they say, ‘It’s a state of mind’; be professional in the little and it will follow through to the bigger things in life. 

3.         The first 2 weeks have been testing and challenging.  We have had to quickly to adjust from civilian life into the Military life.  Each day we learn something different that will assists us to meet the required standard to serve with the best fighting troops in the world.  We are not under any illusions – this will not be easy.  If the Training Team doesn’t think you are giving 100% they will make you work for twice as long and twice as hard.  If we give everything, so will the Training Team and they will do everything they can to ensure we make it to the end of the 32 weeks as a Royal Marines Commando.


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