160 Troop Diary Weeks 15

 Week 15 was a very worrying week for 160 Tp, as we were due to find out our results from Ex Baptist Run, fortunately the majority of the Troop passed. We were now ready to commence phase 2 of RM Rct training.

Monday started with a hard double session on Bottom Field, rope climbs, fire-mans carries and a run around the assault course with our heavy wet kit; all of which was filmed by a camera crew for a new recruitment video. On completion of BPT we had CBRN, during this session we practised de-contamination procedures.

Tuesday was a more relaxed day in training with a number of lectures covering the organisation of a rifle Troop and introduction into tactics. These lectures were very interesting and we started to get excited at the prospect of the tactical side of training.

Wednesday again began with lectures, this time covering, Battle Procedure, Patrols and Patrol Formations and OP’s. Later that afternoon we were put back in the CS chamber, where we practised our de-contamination procedures.

Thursday morning stated off with Arms Drill revising all of the moves we had been taught for our Pass Out test the following day. The afternoon saw some of the Troop doing functional skills exams which assists those that require it with their Maths and English.

The end of the week saw us having our Phase 1 passout presentation; for this the Company Commander came down and spoke to us, this was then followed by an entertaining award ceremony. PT superiors, Marksmanship badges and section commander’s tapes were awarded during this ceremony. Even those who did do get an award were blessed with a swim across the water tank to receive their green belt which we can now all wear. A significant step in training.


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