162 Tp – Week 11 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 11 Training Diary

After a testing exercise on Dartmoor proceeded by a long weekend, 162 troop returned to CTC ready to commence two weeks of live firing at straight point ranges.

The week began with zeroing on the gallery range which for many was only our second ever shoot with the SA80.  As well as getting through copious amounts ammunition on the ETR and gallery ranges the troop were also introduced to the duties required to ensure the smooth and safe running of the ranges including butt marking and various sentries, these proved to be especially important as the ranges are situated within a caravan site bigger than Ben Hur. The off shore range danger area also proved to be a popular stretch of sea for thrill seeking wind surfers causing sporadic interruptions to firing.

Life at straightpoint was not all shooting and keeping holiday makers off the site as the troop PTI emphasised with his ability to invent gruelling circuits with little more than a hill and some ropes. This will however be valuable preparation for the fast approaching bottom field sessions!

Having practiced shooting from various fire positions at every distance and even conducted a low visibility night shoot the troop are now prepared and ready to pass their ACMT and progress to the next stage of Royal Marines training.


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