159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 17

159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 17 

Week 17 began with Signals training – the branch, the corporal (S2) assured us to be the most vital within the Corps.

After a quick brief the Troop dispersed into groups to checkpoints throughout the CTC – at each checkpoint the radio operator must radio into HQ, role playing a scenario such as reporting contact against the enemy. Shortly afterwards a triple bottom field session saw the Troop of wet and dishevelled Rct’s hobble about for the remainder of the day-cheerfully having finished this session!

Tuesday entailed the fitting of our Lovats and Blues, before the Troop smashed yet another bottom field session. The day finished with a more relaxing lecture on Troop Ambushes, certainly a hint of things to come in later exercises.

The theme of the week changed on Wednesday as we left for Bovington Training Area to train with the Armoured Support Group using Viking, which is the Corps 11 ton all-terrain amphibious vehicle. After a Health and Safety brief and familiarisation with the military Rebreather and Life-Jacket we were eventually allowed to conduct training on the Viking.

The Rebreather itself is not much more than a plastic bag; the idea is that most oxygen is expelled from the lungs and not used after breath, so it can be reused, so to speak.

Held under water for 45 seconds, the operator can take around three breaths from his Rebreather, extending the time he can stay under.

The Life-Jacket simply has a CO2 canister, which initialised inflates the entire jacket.

Later on in the day the Troop was split down into groups to perform entrance and exit drills on land first, then escape drills once the Viking drove in the middle of a small lake-floating to our relief. The Viking drills ended with a race between two teams-not in the Vikings themselves unfortunately, but a race to camouflage them; using a mixture of poles, tarpaulin, bungee and a cam nets.  Motivation was provided throughout and the losing team were awarded 50 burpees.

With a coach back to CTC on Thursday night, Friday saw us preparing kit for the up and coming Exercise Second Empire. Lectures followed in the afternoon and then Close Quarter Combat and a swim session on Saturday morning brought an eventful week to a close.


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