164 Troop Diary – Week 5

164 Troop Diary – Week 5 

Week 5 has seen more progression and an increase in work intensity. The weekend off gave the troop a chance to catch up on the admin. I noticed the troop did get a bit complacent or lazy until we were given remedial training. After everything we have been through as a troop there still appears to be loners who think they can get through training on their own, but as a troop people are starting to come through for each other.

After the past 5 weeks of fitness I have seen a vast improvement in the group with only a handful struggling with ropes. I take great pride in the swimming lesson and feel after each one myself getting stronger and seeing the rest of the troop growing stronger to.

It was a welcome change to get out into the field and learn a great deal not only about soldering but about ourselves as well. The field was arduous but it felt like we had learnt a lot by the end of the week.


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