162 Tp – Week 9 Training Diary

162 Tp – Week 9 Training Diary
Heading into Week 9 one of 162 Troops more demanding weeks due to the physical assessment BFT/RMFA gym pass out and first aid assessment.

On Monday 162 troop started the week with drill and more revision of first aid. This relaxed atmosphere soon changed on Tuesday due to mistakes made from the troop when we soon faced the consequences of our actions.

Midway through the week we began Wednesday with an intense IMF session and the infamous ‘mud run’ .162 troop pulled together and performed well and impressed the training team. Later that day we had our first aid exam and we all passed to a high level.

The following day with our troop PTI Corporal orchard we had a stretching period and sauna to relax our muscles before gym pass out.

Friday, the biggest day of 162 troops training so far had arrived – Gym Passout. We stood to attention on the gym floor at 08.00 ready to give it everything ,we did, receiving a gym superior -162 troop smashed it!

After an intense week it’s now the weekend and time for us to relax and prepare for our up coming Exercise Hunters Moon. From talking to 161 Troop we can’t wait to see what Dartmoor has to offer.


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