158 Troop Chronicles Week 19

158 Troop Chronicles Week 19

This week has been quite a good week, we have been smashing the phys every morning in preparation for bottom field pass out on Monday which all of the lads are looking forward to, including me!  I think we all feel like we have something to prove after getting ourselves the brand of “phys biffs” in Week 9 with our poor performance at gym pass out – where we became the first troop that any of the training team and most of the camp had ever heard of failing it.  The Troop has every confidence in each other on smashing it come Monday morning!  There are a few weak areas that some of the lads have had to have extra tuition on just to touch it up so they do not flap (worry) when the day comes but they all seem more confident now.  I personally feel like my rope climbs need improving, some days I struggle to get up with the 31lbs of weight!

Apart from the phys the main thing we have done this week is GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) training which all of the lads have loved!  I especially found it brilliant, I always do whenever handling new weapon systems because when I pass out and get myself a Green Beret, I would like to go on and become join the PW (Platoon Weapon) SQ (Specialisation), that’s if it all goes to plan!  Learning about the GPMG was something I have always been interested in even before I joined up as it’s the gun you hear about and see on the TV so getting hands on was brilliant!  We soon learned that it is a very easy weapon to operate and with having Corporal Martinez show us the drills we soon caught onto it very quickly after a few small hic-ups.  After learning about the weapon and learning all the drills we had to complete a weapons handling test which had to be done before we could fire the weapon at the end of the week and every single man in the Troop passed with flying colours.

At the end of the week it was time to get down the 25 metre range and shoot the GPMG, we were all really looking forward to it as the only weapon systems we had fired so far was the SA80 A2 and the LSW which is great but neither weapon can touch the GPMG when it comes to power!  We all lined up ready for our turn on the GPMG and when it finally came to my turn after watching the other lads get the rounds down i was itching to have a go so i was straight up on point behind the gun, following the correct drills and listening to the instruction I successfully fired off all my rounds and it was HOOFING!

Overall a very good week that i have enjoyed!

‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’


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