159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 15

159 Troop – Training Diary – Week 15 

Week 15 started with CBRN drills during which we practiced putting our respirators on within 9 seconds and carrying out the immediate action procedures in the event of a nuclear attack. We then had a bottom field session straight after where we had a run through of what the final bottom field pass out test would be. However, the main event of the day was getting our results from Exercise Baptist Run, fortunately the majority of ranks passed and we were now looking forward to Phase 2 of training.

On Tuesday we had lectures all day on the Organisations and Role of a Rifle Troop, Organisation of a Close Combat Company, we also practice setting up a harbour for when we deployed on our tactical exercises.

On Wednesday afternoon we put our CBRN drills into practice in the gas chamber, this involved us having to take our respirators off a total of 5 times to decontaminate our face and the inside of our respirators while the room was filled with CS gas, this meant we had to do our drills properly otherwise we would start to feel the effects of the gas.

Thursday we had an arms drill inspection from the WO1 1st Drill Instructor, we all had to stand perfectly still to attention holding our weapons for an hour while he inspected our uniform and tested our knowledge of the Corps History.

Friday was Phase 1 Pass Out, where various awards were issued to the Troop, PT superiors (week 9 gym pass out) and also marksmanship badges achieved for live firing at Straight Point ranges. Additionally section IC and 2 IC’s were awarded/nominated.


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