Training Diary-165 Tp-Week 2

Training Diary-Rct Meehan-165 Tp-Week 2

Week 2 of RM Recruit training has seen us introduced to our SA80-Rifles. Instructional periods were given in the weapons stances to teach us about the weapon system that we would be using for the next 30 weeks and onwards. The instruction seems to be progressive; however there is a great deal of detail to take on board.

We have received many sets of formal inspections by the DL this week in preparation for a final inspection, which we must pass before we can leave the foundation block. Everyone is working hard and it feels like we are starting to work as a team.

The inspection was conducted on Friday, as expected it was not quite as strict, however the training team gave us lots of helpful hints and tips to make sure our lockers were in good order. We were also informed that this would the beginning of many inspections to come in the near future.

Over the weekend we had drill and then moved accommodation, we also managed to spend some time in ExeterCity getting vital supplies and relaxing.


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