157 Troop Week 19

157 Troop Week 19
‘Death by bottom field & GPMG training’
Monday morning we got introduced to crash training which was a whole new experience of pain! After our thrashing we had a fitting for our Peak Caps which go with our blues, followed by lectures on finance and some functional skills training.

Tuesday was an early start with a kit muster to show we had de-serviced our kit correctly, after that we had a lecture on COIN Ops (Counter Insurgency Operations) followed by a military knowledge test, which basically tests us on our information retention over the past few weeks. This test was then followed by our first lesson on the General Purpose Machine Gun training (GPMG).

On Wednesday we started with our hardest bottom field (BPT) session of the week which was a triple session of enduring pain! Next we had a lecture on OBUA, which we are looking forward to putting into practice; the rest of the day was spent GPMG training.
Thursday was the last session of BPT, we had a full run through of the test and some of the lads struggled in certain areas. In the afternoon we had more GPMG training and a weapon handling tests to make sure we were confident with our drills and safe with the weapon system.

Friday we had a shoot on the range and put into practice what we had learnt all week and it was good fun, but unfortunately too short.


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