164 Troop Diary – Week 4

164 Troop Diary – Week 4


Week 4 was the hardest week so far.  It seems as though the Troop was struggling to work together and listen to small details, such as being on time, even for little things such as scran.  As the week progressed it became apparent that we needed to buck our ideas up, as we were losing sleep and admin time because we were being completely stripped back to foundation stage.  Having to wear our helmets around camp felt a little embarrassing but I think it showed the Troop that we really needed to start pulling our weight and earn to wear the cap badge on our heads.  

We continued to work on IMF in the Gymnasium and were introduced to a beam sequence, as well as carrying on with our rope climbs.  During the week we were introduced to a mud run, this was by far the hardest phys we had done to date.  Although the mud run was unpleasant and painful it was a good experience.  All in all this week has been a tough week.  Again there have been lots of mistakes by the troop and something that we must work on to make our troop work better as a team.


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