164 Troop Diary – Week 3

164 Troop Diary – Week 3


Week three was the last week of foundation and for me and most of the lads the toughest week so far. This was the first week we had moved into our new accommodation which was a step forward in training and really felt as though a bit of weight was lifted. The new accommodation is much better. We had to get our kit moved over to the new accommodation to the same standards as we had this in our foundation block and ready for inspection on Monday morning.

During the week we continued to conduct IMF in the gymnasium which seems to be getting more challenging with each session, we have also been in the pool doing circuits which I in particular find very challenging as I am not the strongest swimmer but try and give 100% never the less. We also had Families’ Day to look forward to on the Friday. We completed both drill and IMF displays for all of the families’, this seemed to go down well. We also had weekend leave to look forward to which I know all of the lads were looking forward to and try catch up on lack of sleep and see their families and partners.

 All in all week three has been sort of what I expected, lots of admin, lots of phys and lots of mistakes by the troop.


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