163 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

163 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

A good week has been had by all, there have been a lot of smiles and everyone seems in good spirits.  The week did not start very well when we had some ‘issues’ de-servicing our kit following Exercise Quick Cover, this was nothing some ‘corrective training’ was not able to sort out and after a long night of cleaning, the accommodation was up to standard.  We had successfully cleaned the accommodation we were then given Sunday off, which for most I think was spent sleeping.  Fresh start fresh faced after a relaxing Sunday everyone was ready for the week ahead.

The first part of the week we had an introduction to map reading which was good, and after some time spent updating our affairs folders I think the majority of the Troop had a handle on the basics, we will have to see next week mind when we have to put it to some use on Woodbury Common for Ex Marshal Star… Hopefully no one ends up in Exeter!

We had our first live shoot this week; we were down at the 25m range to zero our weapons ahead of straight point range package in weeks 11 and 12.  It was a good day, the sun was out and everyone was enjoying themselves.  With a pass rate of 65mm groupings it was good to see some 15mm and 20mm in prone position, although Recruit Rainbow’s 14mm standing will take some beating!

We had family’s day Friday which I know everyone has been looking forward to since ours was rescheduled to accommodate Easter leave.  As much as there were a few nervous faces at breakfast it all went well, we had a good drill period and even managed get a few, albeit forced, volunteers up to give it a go which was a bit of fun!  We were back to the grots for a shower and change and into phys rig for the early anticipated IMF period.  After an extended warm up we were away, we had some extra sprints thrown in for good measure but it wasn’t a bad period and it was nice to get some good feedback from Cpl Headley.

We were now all looking forward to seeing our families so were down to the Falklands Hall to collect them and escort them for some ‘top notch scran’ (Food) in the galley!  Everyone was looking forward to shore leave and after a good day it was nice to drive home in the sun.  Troop morale has been high this week and everyone seemed well, week six was a good week!


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