162 Troop Training Diary – Week 8

162 Troop Training Diary – Week 8

One quarter of the way through recruit training…now that is enough to boost the morale of even the most ‘thredders’ recruit.  This week the Troop was mainly focused on the OC’s inspection, a day of survival training with the Mountain Leaders and building up towards Gym Pass Out.

The week started well for the Troop as a whole with the OC, Major Craig, leaving the inspection happy.  However, the Troop still had two lads fail the inspection on silly points which we had all been reminded about in the days building up to the inspection.  Needless to say the lads felt they had let themselves and the Troop down, particularly as the Troop was then punished for this failing. However, teamwork was soon restored and the Troop took it on the chin and learnt from the mistakes…..one in, all in as they say.

The day with the mountain leaders (ML’s) was a day to be feared.  Vicious rumors passed down the ‘nod vine’ had the Troop expecting a day of thrashings and insane physical tests as these guys are renowned for their fitness.  What was not mentioned was that these thrashings are dished out to Troops as punishments for not “switching on” or just a lack of respect to the ML’s.  So from the off, we set about doing everything they asked of us, at 100mph and at 110%.  They were pleased and impressed with us as a Troop, and we too had an amazing day, soaking up every piece of information they had to offer like a sponge.  This acted to reignite some of the lads’ desires to specialize as an ML despite the difficulty of the course and profession itself.

Meanwhile back at the gymnasium, a handful of lads had been picked for Potential PT superiors in “gym pass out” in week 9.  These recruits were given bibs to wear during the sessions to help the PTI’s monitor their performance and decide whether or not they were worthy of the holy grail or not.  It is fair to say that every man in the Troop has been pushing to get a superior in the gym and will be digging out blind come the day of Gym Pass Out.


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