161 Troop Diary Week 7

161 Troop Diary Week 7

161 Troop returned from Easter Leave with good spirits and had a lot of laughs, until we found on orders that Exercise Marshall Star was going to be starting the very next day.  A small number of Troop members began talking of how training may not be for them during a night filled with admin and field preparations.  Exercise Marshall Star was a 3 and a half day exercise filled with navigation lectures and exercises including a night Navex.  The exercise covered basic field-craft and soldiering skills.

Week 7 also included a few sessions of phys.  When we returned from exercise the Troop had Close Quarter Combat training where we learnt basic locks and holds.  Any ‘spare-time’ this week was spent de-servicing field kit, which meant we did not get any spare time until the weekend, which was a full weekend that gave the Troop a chance to bond further.


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