161 Troop Diary Week 6

161 Troop Diary Week 6

Week six started the way most weeks start here at CTCRM, with intensive phys sessions.  Corporal Edwards, our PTI, started pushing us harder than he has before, which had the result of getting us to work more cohesively as a Troop and even harder as individuals.  Our IMF movements became crisper and we have started to look smarter and more switched on in the gym.  Our rope climbing has progressed rapidly as a Troop, and as our technique has improved we have been able to push ourselves to achieve 6 climbs in one go, continually aiming to perfect our technique and movements in time for Gym Pass Out in week 9.

Our introduction to navigation took place in week 6, and for the majority of the Troop, was a completely new skill.  For this reason we started with basics, learning about scale, symbols and other aspects of maps and map reading techniques.  As the lectures and days went by we moved on to more advanced map reading skills, such as judging distances, grid references and planning simple routes.  As a Troop we seemed to pick up the required skills quickly and efficiently, which allowed us to keep moving forward onto new skills and more advanced navigation, although we are still at a very elementary stage, considering where we will be in the future, hopefully!

The aspect of week 6 that the whole Troop were most looking forward to was live firing.  This was our first chance to use live rounds and understandably we were all quite excited.  After the necessary safety briefing we took our places on the 25m range and fired a number of rounds at targets.  The accuracy of our shooting was measured and this then became a bit of a competition within the Troop as to who was the best shot.  While we all learnt a lot about one of the most important aspects of our future careers, we also managed to do it in an enjoyable manner.  As soon as we finished our range time, we were all already looking forward to our next session on the ranges.

Overall we learnt a lot in week 6 and it was a very positive week for the Troop, with good results in the gym and pool, and a very productive day on the ranges.  The Troop are beginning to work well as a team and as a result our overall performance is continually on the up.


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