160 Troop Diary – Week 9

160 Troop Diary – Week 9

This week 160 Troop started off with an introduction to Bottomfield PT.  The whole Troop enjoyed doing phys in the elements, conducting 200m fireman’s carries and learning how to approach each obstacle with the correct technique demonstrated by the PTI’s.

This week also saw the Troop conduct First Aid written and practical exams, therefore ensuring that we were confident in treating casualties from minor injuries such as cuts, to life threading injuries such as shock and loss of limb.  CPR was also part of the First Aid test which is useful not only at work but also a useful skill to know at all times.

Moving on in the week the Troop was taught how to zero our weapons correctly which would assist with the accuracy on Straighpoint ranges in week 11 & 12.  With a number of map reading revision sessions and a footcare lecture the Troop had blown off the cobwebs from leave, developing the skills we had already been taught in the previous weeks.  Additionally we completed some evening work on judging distance, range cards etc.

During the week the Troop also passed interval drill leading them onto arms drill which is exciting.  In the last days of the week a map reading assessment was given to the Troop to see how we are progressing with our Navigation to progress onto Exercise Hunters Moon next week.


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