159 Troop Training Diary – Week 13

159 Troop Training Diary – Week 13 

Week 13 has been a very interesting week for 159 Troop covering many subjects.  Monday started with an intro session to bottom field in which the Troop covered all obstacles of the “assault course” this includes, monkey bars, 6 ft wall, tunnels and ropes.  The Troop then went on to conquer the high obstacle which was a challenge for those not fond of heights.  In the afternoon of Monday 159 Troop had their first experience of CBRN training (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) of which the Troop in groups had a chance to stand in a room of CS gas and take their respirators off to report to the Sergeant.  Watching recruits experience the effects of riot control gas was hoofing, until their time came to try it out.

Tuesday was a day of lectures covering all aspects of “signalling”, learning how to talk over radio’s using the correct etiquette e.g. “Hello Charlie 21, this is Bravo 11, radio check over”.  This is a very important subject within the Royal Marines training as when the Troop pass out everyone will be issued with a PRR in which they will communicate with others with.

Wednesday began with a couple more signalling lectures to cover the previous day’s information and make sure the Troop understood everything that had previously been taught.  Following these lectures the Troop visited the chaplain on camp to discuss training so far.  After scran (food) 159 Troop had an afternoon of grenade safety training and handling tests.  This was to make sure the Troop understood how to use grenades safely without endangering any friendly forces around them.

Thursday was hoofing as far as the Troop were concerned, travelling up to RNAS Yeovilton with a day of helicopter drills in which the Troop practised entry and exit off a Sea King helicopter, covering positions like the arctic huddle.  159 Troop then conducted underwater escape drills, which include 1 upright helicopter followed by 3 submerged and capsized helicopters drills in daylight, twilight and night conditions.  The final thing for the Troop to do was to visit the naval air museum that was situated just off the base.

Friday began with a bottom field session where the Troop learnt how to regain on the low obstacle ropes, this is a hard skill to master but the Troop managed to do so very quickly and moved to attempt it over a tank of water, where a few of the Troop ended up falling in.  The Troop was then focused on the day ahead which consisted of live grenade throwing.  Each recruit got the chance to throw 2 grenades at a target, with a few nervous throws on the first attempts all the majority of the lads managed to hit the target on their second attempt.


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