157 Troop Diary – Week 18

157 Troop Diary – Week 18

Monday started with a bottom field session in the morning, before a big week ahead for 157 Troop.  After this session the Troop had to prepare for Exercise Second Empire at Braunton Burrows.

Tuesday began with a stand too at first light and after that the morning routine sentries were posted out around the Harbour.  That day was to be about Section attack drills undertaken in the car park, before going against actual enemy.  The Troop had to put into a real life situation what they had been through in the morning.  That night 5 Section went on a Recce patrol and 3 Section onto an Observation Post.  Whilst the other sections were protecting the harbour position.

Wednesday was about a Troop attack, orders were given from Capt Lane with two detailed model pits.  Each section had a certain individual role to take down the enemy.  However, the Corporals were with the Troop confirming what the section commanders actions would be in certain situations.

That night 1 Section had to go on a Recce patrol to find an FRV for the planned Troop ambush.  On the Thursday 157 Troop had an introduction to the Braunton Burrows beech area, this definitely was not a beach holiday.  The harbour was bumped and we had to move rapidly.  Capt Lane gave another set of orders for a Troop Attack onto a known enemy location.

At 0400 hrs on Friday the Troop marched to the enemy’s location for a first light Troop attack.  Once again sections had certain orders and tasks.  Once the enemy had been destroyed, we had a six mile yomp back to Chivenor barracks.


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