157 Troop Diary – Week 16

157 Troop Diary – Week 16

Week 16 was out first week out of Phase 2 of training, which meant Exercise First Base.  This exercise introduced many new skills and drills for the field as Phase 2 exercises are fully tactical and it is important that we grasped a good level of tactical understanding.
The week started with signals lectures and then phys in the gym for a change.  We even got some music which promoted the odd ropey dance moves and overall a really good phys session.  
First Base was our first fully tactical exercise and after a small insertion yomp across Woodbury we inserted into our harbour area and put into places our new skills and drills.  This went well and the Troop knuckled down and adapted well to conducting everything tactically.  That night we were introduced to model pits and tasked to build one, which was unfortunately assessed at 02.30 hrs.
The next day was spent practicing break contact drills and the evening was spent conducting a recce patrol, before we set off the corporals checked if everybody was made ready.  The last full day was spent learning about Observation Post (OP) and building one as a section and conducting a 12 hour one.  This was cold and quite tedious but an interesting experience.  The exercise was finished with a five mile speed march back to camp.  Overall it was a good exercise and we learnt a lot.  Everyone was glad to be back as we left for Easter leave the next day.


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