156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 20

156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 20

Week 20 started with one of the biggest milestones in recruit training, Bottom Field Pass-out.  This involves a full rope climb, the assault course in under 5 minutes, a 200m fireman’s carry in under 90 seconds then straight to a regain.  All of the activities have to be done with 21lbs of weight in your webbing and a 9lb rifle strapped to your back.  The regain is basically dangling off a rope above a freezing cold body of water called “the tank” then pulling yourself back onto the rope and to safety.  Emotions were all over the place as the dry recruits wanted to celebrate passing this milestone and the wet recruits stayed focused for the re-runs the next day.  

Moral in the Troop took a knock as 4 original members of the Troop unfortunately did not make the regain, this means more specific training will be given to them and they will progress through training with another Troop.  The Assault Engineering (AE) acquaint helped the Troop get out heads ready for work.  The practice elements of the AE lectures were a good bit of fun as the sections competed to see who could fill sandbags and build a defensive wall the quickest.  Over the week free time was spent with out heads in our notes revising for the CBRN exam at the end of the week.  After the exam it seemed like the sun came out just for us.  The majority of 156 Troop spent the weekend with a beer in hand soaking up the sunshine.


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