156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 17

156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 17

Monday morning arrived for 156 Troop and the lads were optimistic about what was in store for us in week 17 of training.  Morale was high and everyone was eager to enjoy a few days off camp.  Monday began with signals (radios) and the task of moving around the camp in a military game of orienteering.  Each checkpoint had a message to relay testing our voice procedure back to HQ.  After some hours in the cold the Troop rendezvoused at the church for a much needed cup of tea!  After this followed another gruelling session of bottom field and an opportunity for some members of the Troop to go swimming.  

Tuesday was not as exciting so I will move onto Wednesday, which saw an early start for all and a hearty breakfast as the Troop was leaving for Bovington Camp to get a taste of the Viking troop carriers!  There was a buzz around the Troop at least to get away from the training team for a few days!  We sat in lectures through the morning before enjoying a 2 hour lunch break; the food was a welcome change to CTC slop!  The afternoon was spent climbing on the vehicles to get familiar with their layout before finishing the day early to which everyone was in bed by 7.30 pm.  

Thursday morning was spent in the pool using the re-breathers and we were not impressed with the cold water!  However the sun came out and the afternoon was spent driving around the countryside embarking and disembarking from the vehicles.  Next were the lake drills which consisted of climbing onto the roof while afloat which was not very stable!  On Friday we returned to Lympstone, overall a good week was had by all; however a few final lectures and a bottom field session drain some of the morale from Bovington.


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