152 TROOP DIARY – WEEK 29 and 30

152 TROOP DIARY – WEEK 29 and 30

Monday morning started with a great deal of trepidation as we were faced with 2 weeks on the dreaded Sennybridge.  Flashbacks of hypothermia and all night yomps were in abundance.  The day soon picked up after convincing the bus driver to stop at a service station.  After 3 hours we arrived at a rather dated and basic Army compound and discovered that Royal Marine prejudices towards the Army were not misplaced!

The rest of the week was spent on live ranges.  The Troop were enthusiastic and took to it well, but both the ranges and camp were situated a bit too close to rivers than we would have liked and we often found ourselves getting wet.

Wales smiled on us as we moved into the second week of field firing and we had a week of warm, sunny weather.  The week was filled with live section and troop attacks which the Troop thoroughly enjoyed.  Advancing on a target, while another section fires on it felt risky and puts lots of faith in your ‘oppos’.  Sadly the week did have one fatality, an unfortunate sheep that fell victim to a ricochet.

By the end of the two weeks the Troop were very colourful from the sun and in high spirits moving onto the biggest week of our lives, the Commando Tests.


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