Week 4 was all about keeping the focus, as Easter leave was only 5 days away.  All the Troop was adamant it would not let our performances slip in the next week due to our minds focusing on the 2 weeks rest fast approaching.  The beginning of the week was spent de-servicing our kit from our night out in the field.  This night was our introduction to the wonderful location that is Woodbury Common, and what it has to offer, and also an introduction to the more serious aspects of field craft, like servicing your weapon in the field, kit musters and washing in the field, along with rapid erecting and dismantling of shelters and static sentry duties.

The main focus of the week was our weapons handling test, which we had been working towards for the past two weeks.  This involved a full strip of the SA80, along with all the drills that we had been shown, to ensure our safety on the ranges.  Most of the Troop was happy with the drills, but it was also the quick fire theory questions that could catch you out, as you could easily panic under pressure.  Another box ticked on the long hard road to becoming a Royal Marine Commando!

Once the week was nearing its end we were rewarded with a small inter section football tournament, in arctic conditions.  The morale was now very high, even though the weather was not on our side.  The time had now arrived to pack our bags, but not after another accommodation inspection, which we were highly scrutinised and after some hard work, and long hours we passed as a Troop.

Now home for Easter leave to see our friends and families.  A break that is welcome by all, although I know I speak for a lot of the lads when I say we will be desperate to get back to CTC and continue on this journey, come the end of the two week break.


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