164 Troop Diary – Week 2

164 Troop Diary – Week 2 

The highlight of week 2 for 164 Troop was definitely Exercise Early Night.  Everyone was looking forward to it until the rumours of “Wet and Dry” started to spread and suddenly we all started to get a bit worried.  When we eventually made it down to the bottom field we started walking over to the ‘tank’ and suddenly all the rumours were true.  So we all got into the tank, got suitably wet and then quickly got changed into our warm and dry clothes and started putting into practice all the field craft lessons we had learnt from the training team.  Evening ‘scran’ could not come soon enough, however shortly after this the fun started as we began sentries in our wet clothes.  The only relief being then getting changed back into our dry clothes and inserting ourselves back into the warmth of our new sleeping bags.

With reveille at 0530 we donned our wet kit once again and learned the importance of waterproofing our dry kit, in order to maintain our ability to fight.  Also this week we have been practicing ropes in the gym (a lot) and preparing ourselves for Families’ Day to make ourselves look good in front of our loved ones.  To conclude on week 2 of 164 Troop, it has been an eventful one but definitely a new experience for all the lads, the morale is still really high and everyone is looking forward to our first week out of foundation.


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