163 Troop Training Diary – Week 4

163 Troop Training Diary – Week 4

 After getting some time to ourselves over the weekend after week 3, we were well rested to start week 4.  Monday was a fairly typical day at CTCRM, however 163Troop found themselves in the gym learning a new beam sequence which involved, press ups, pull ups, squats and triceps dips. As a Troop we were also shown / taught the importance of the locker security, anyone failing this found themselves carrying the contents of their lockers in their bergans for a few days as a few lads have already been doing!  We also started to get our kit packed in preparation for the up and coming Exercise Early Night.  This was our first Exercise on Woodbury Common.

Tuesday morning came around fast and we collected our weapons ready for the Exercise and loaded any equipment and stores we needed into a 4 ton vehicle.  After a short journey we were there and started to unload our kit and the teams field stores.  On completion we were given lectures on how to cook our ration packs and how to administrate ourselves under field conditions and erect our ponch’s (over head protection from rain).  That night we had to put up a sentry and take it in turns to protect our position through the night hours.

First thing Wednesday morning we had to set up at kit muster (layout our kit for an inspection). This was our first experience of doing one – we were given the reasons why this is conducted and the importance of cleanliness in field.  Then we had a march back to camp – roughly 4 miles which a couple of lads struggled with.  Thursday morning started with another kit muster to make sure we had de-serviced our field kit properly.  We then had a double Introductory Military Fitness (IMF) session and had to do a camp circuit 4 ½ times (roughly ½ a mile each one).  On completion we had a few lectures from sick bay.

Friday we did some more weapon training ready for our test next week.  We had some more IMF and swimming, both double periods (each period lasts about 45Mins).  Saturday was a more relaxing day with some Drill (Marching) followed by some more IMF and we were finished by lunch time and once we had sorted our kit out we were aloud to go down town to relax and unwind. When we got back most of the Troop started packing in preparation for another Exercise next week.


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