163 Troop Training Diary – Week 3

163 Troop Training Diary – Week 3

After 2 weeks leave it was good to be back.  The detail was a few lectures ranging from Fire Prevention to Armed Forces Discipline and personal administration.  Quite a simple day to ease us back in to the military way of life.  Also, we met our new Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the first physical session which was a fast swim which blew out any cobwebs from leave.

Tuesday was an early start, up at 0500 hours for our first set of rounds (Room Inspection) since being back from Easter Leave.  Everyone was worried about it running around at 100 hundred miles per hour.  The Troop did okay, with a few individuals having a few snags but they were rectified straight away.  We also had swimming and our first IMF period (Introductory Military Fitness), which was hard but very rewarding afterwards to know we managed it – well some of us!

Wednesday morning we had Drill (Marching Around), but our uniforms had to be immaculate.  A few lads failed but a majority of the Troop passed.  We had another IMF period which now seems to be getting harder!  More swimming; with a confidence test, jumping of a diving board.  We also had CQC (Close Quarter Combat) where we were instructed by a Gunnery Sergeant (US Marine Corps counter part)

Thursday and Friday involved pretty much the same with addition of weapon training which we had not done for a few days.  We learnt how to strip the weapon down for daily cleaning and were shown how to clean each part and what with and the importance of doing this.

In summary – first week back has been good picking up where we left of before Easter Leave.  I have noticed that the days are long but the weeks go so fast!


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