162 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

162 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

 With Exercise QUICK COVER completed and the weekend off to recover, 162 Troop was ready to tackle another week of training.

It began with the Troop learning first aid.  This consisted of comprehensive lectures and practical demonstrations on the various aspects of First Aid such as CPR, with Rct Curtis momentarily forgetting he was applying CPR and not CQC to the dummy that was unfortunate enough to be his partner.  The early stages of the week’s training also included a brief introduction to the Joint Personnel Administration system (JPA) and more importantly, to map reading.

By mid week the majority of training had been classroom based and it was time for some much needed physical activity.  A five mile squadded run in boots was completed in the morning, with time to spare, making for a reasonably happy Troop PTI.  The day was topped off with more phys and another lesson on navigation.

Thursday saw 162 Troop’s introduction to live firing.  This was conducted on the 25m ranges down on the Bottom Field, with the overall performance of the Troop being regarded as at a decent level for beginners.

Friday saw a full inspection of kit, lockers and rooms with 162 Troop failing to meet the required standard.  However, this was rectified the following day when the Troop passed their follow up inspection after a long night of hard work.

The week came to an end with the Battlefield Swimming Test, which the majority of the Troop passed, drill practice and further map reading; 162 Troop’s map reading knowledge having taken a huge leap forward.  Now ready to be tested on the upcoming exercise Exercise MARSHALL STAR.


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