Although Foundation Block already feels like a life time away, we started the week with another 5 days as lumi-nods.  Initially we saw our new surroundings ‘down the bottom’ with the luxury of six man rooms as a step up.  However, we overlooked the fact that we would now be under the gaze of our Training Team and all the fun that would bring!  This week we have done much the same as we did last week, with plenty of time in the gym and on the drill square.  As ever, the difficulty levels continue to increase and our best is never quite good enough but we will not be deterred.  Rope Climbing is beginning to click for most of us now and those that are struggling are getting plenty of extra practice in.  We have also spent a lot more time on the SA80 this week and it has not taken us long to get to grips with stripping and assembling the weapon as well as the firing drills.

By the time we go on Easter Leave we will hopefully all have passed our Weapons Handling Tests to allow us to fire our rifles on the field exercises next term.  The big event of the week for 162 Troop has been our Families Day and with plenty of the Troop’s families coming along, we were keen to make sure we impressed in the gym and on the drill square.  Thankfully everybody ‘dug out blind’ and we put on a good show with few mistakes; at least that is what we thought.  The chance to see our families for the evening at the end of the day was a really welcome break and made the fact that we were going into the field on Sunday a bit more bearable.  It is now only a week until Easter Leave and although we have only just started life at CTC we will all be glad of a chance to recover and see our families.


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